ERASMUS Application Outgoing

Transparent and standardized Online-Application Process

German version

You are as student currently enrolled at Goethe University and wish to study at a foreign partner institution within the ERASMUS program? Please read up on the mobility opportunities in "your" department or institute (see below) and consult your departmental coordinator for further advice.

After gathering all necessary information, you start the application process by completing an online registration, thereby creating your applicant's account, into which you upload your complete ERASMUS application in a pdf-file. You will be guided along step by step by explanatory texts within your account. 

The online application link for ERASMUS 2021/2022 has been made available below on Dec. 15th, 2020.

Overview of the ERASMUS application process including upload of all documents:

  1. To start the online application please use the link provided below. Fill in the online application form and follow the directions of the programm and send your application.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email and will be asked to register your applicant's account.
  3. Please register your applicant's account and note down your login and password, because you will need those throughout the participation in the ERASMUS program.
  4. Please download the application directions including the checklist and read it carefully.
  5. Please upload a passport foto/ID picture of yourself (mind the pixel specifications)
  6. Please download the application form, print it, sign it and scan it.
  7. Please upload your complete ERASMUS-application* in a single pdf-file into your applicant's account. (At this time the single-file-upload cannot be avoided due to software specifications in the further course of the administration of the program.)
  8. As the last step please confirm in your account that you uploaded the application-pdf-file according to the checklist and further specifications of your institute/department/departmental coordinator.

CHECKLIST for complete ERASMUS-application:

  1. Scan of your signed application form
  2. Proof of current enrollment at Goethe University
  3. CV (max 2 pages)
  4. Letter of motivation (please mind additional specifications of institute or department, e.g. dept. 03 - social sciences)
  5. QIS-print/letter of examination office or transcript filled in by you and certified to be true by examination office (or - if that is not possible - international office)
  6. Proof of language proficiency (please mind additional information of institute or department, if that proof has to be included in the online application - e.g. dept. 03 - social sciences)
  7. Additional documents, if and as requested by the departmental coordinators (e.g. highschool diploma, course certificates - please mind their infos and webpages)
  8. Additional documents you yourself see as positive for our application (e.g. proof of social engagement)

After assembling the mandatory documents, please merge them all into one big pdf-file in the order of the checklist. (You can use e.g. to merge and compress pdf-files.) Please check this pdf-file before the upload, since alterations are not possible anymore once the upload has been completed, and the pdf-file will be made available to your departmental coordinator without any checking by us in the international office.

Please check if you have to hand in an additional paper version of your application with your departmental coordinator!

Here you find the  link to the online registration for ERASMUS outgoing applicants of Goethe-University   Good luck!

Selection Process:
After the application deadline the departmental coordinator will receive the uploaded application files of all applicants and wil conduct the selection of ERASMUS participants. Your academic performance, motivation, study plan and language skills will be considered. Also other criteria may be established, such as only accepting applications of students majoring in the department/institute, thereby either excluding minor students or putting them in 2nd priority. The same may be applied in case of applications to the country of origin, students with a migration background and/or nationality of the host country chosen in the application. Such criteria have to be communicated transparently.

After the selection process is completed, the departmental coordinator informs all applicants about the result of their application. The students selected for an ERASMUS study abroad period will then be nominated by the departmental coordinator at the host institution and also at the International Office of Goethe-University. Only then our staff can activate your participant's account, in which most of all ERASMUS formalia will be handled by us and by you. You can update your personal data, receive certificates of participation, Learning Agreements, and other documents as downloads, upload completed documents such as Certificate of Arrival until the final Proof of Academic Recognition.

List of departments' ERASMUS or study abroad webpages known to us:

If you do not find "your" department or institute in this List, please contact your departmental coordinator directly.

¹Please check with your departmental coordinator if your transcript needs to be certified. If yes, please contact your examination office to receive a certifiec copy of your transcript. If they cannot provide you with this, please visit the International Office within the office hours of the Study Abroad Team and get your transcript signed and stamped by our staff. Please bring a copy of your transcript and a current QIS printout and/or the original "Scheine"/course certificates of your seminars etc.