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Bachelor and Master of Arts

We are supervising BA and MA theses in the field of a culture-sociologically inspired sociology of social inequalities. If you are interested in supervision and have a developed proposal for your subject, please sign up for a preliminary meeting by sending an email to team secretary Dagmar Heuser. 

During the supervision, developing an exposée and attending the colloquium on a regular basis will be mandatory. Another requirement for a successful supervision is your earlier attendance of one of our seminars. 

For any form of email contact, please make sure to use your student's account only.

Educational Sciences

For the educational sciences (teaching profession), Prof. Meier offers written examinations in the field of sociology of social inequalities.

Before sending us your inquiry, please check availability and registration times below!! Free places are constantly updated. In case places are still available, please contact Dagmar Heuser for further information. 

Exam places available:

Fall 2024


Spring 2025 none              
Fall 2025 registration as of August 12th, 2024                                                                  

  Dear students: For any form of email contact with us, please use your student's account only. 

Oral Module Exams

In selected courses, a limited extent of oral module examinations are offered. In case you are interested, please consult with your lecturers during the course. Following his or her approval, the following steps need to be taken:

  • You register individually for the examination via QIS/LSF portal
  • Dates for the examinations will be announced by the lecturers during the course
  • A written thesis paper (exposé) needs to be handed in three working days prior to the exam at the latest. Please send the document to team secretary Dagmar Heuser. Two theses are to be developed in the paper based upon the seminar session. Each thesis is to cover approx. 1/2 to 1 page and should refer to corresponding literature of your individual research (2-3 literature sources). From this, a slected topic is to be derived, developed and discussed.
  • The oral exams will take 30 minutes and focus mainly on the two seminar sessions adressed in your thesis paper. However, other topics of the course may also be subject to examination.

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Team Secretary: 

Dagmar Heuser
Goethe-University Frankfurt
Faculty 3 Social Sciences
Institute of Sociology
Sociology of Social Inequality

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