Maps and public transport

How to find us on Campus Westend

Our offices are situated in the PEG-building right next to the Hansaallee. The entrance is at the side opposite to the Hansaallee.

The offices of the
team sociology of work
are all on the 3rd floor.

Prof. Hofmeister's and Ms Anlauft's office (rooms 3.G 118 and 3. G 107) are located in Unit 3.7 which can be reached via Unit 3.6.

All other team offices (rooms 3.G 142 and 3.G 149) are located in Unit 3.9. You can access Unit 3.9 by passing through units 3.6, 3.7 and 3.8 or by passing through Unit 3.10 in the opposite direction from the main hall.

You can find an overview of all units and rooms as well as the accessability from the main staircase in the map below. Click on the picture for a larger version in which you can identify the room numbers.

If the doors to the hallways are closed

If you should find the doors to the hallways closed you can phone in to the person you wish to visit by dialling first the receiver symbol and then the extension number of this person on the number pad next to the door. The person can then buzz you in.