Selection Process

How is the funding decision made?

Getting chosen for a scholarship

The selection process is divided into two stages: The electronic pre-selection and the jury selection. Once the applications have been sorted by subject area, they are electronically ranked according to individual performance, social commitment and personal circumstances based on the information provided by the application platform. The strongest applications are then forwarded anonymously to a panel of departmental judges, who reevaluate the applicants' overall potential and decide who will receive a scholarship. More information on the selection process and timeline can be found below.

Which faculty can I apply to?

 Faculty assignment

You can only apply for scholarships for the faculty in which you are majoring.

Students in double majors may choose which of the two majors they wish to apply for.

Double major students and students studying to become high school (Gymnasium) or middle school (Haupt- und Realschule) teachers will be assigned to the faculty of their first major.

Students studying to become elementary (Grundschule) or special education (Förderschule) teachers are assigned to Faculty 04.

Electronic pre-selection

Performance, commitment, and personal circumstances

For each field of study, the Study Service Center conducts an electronic pre-selection. The electronic pre-selection process takes into account the student's performance, social commitment, and personal and family background.

The jury selection

Overall assessment

Each faculty forms a jury of at least two jurors (university lecturers and academic staff). The jury evaluates the submitted, anonymized applications in accordance with § 2 para. 2 StipV with regard to personal and social qualities, such as:

  • Dedication and motivation (documented, for example, by awards, prizes, internships)
  • Communication and verbal skills
  • Extracurricular activities or social commitment
  • Special achievements such as overcoming life challenges