Eligible Applicants

Who Can Apply for Funding?

At the time of funding, applicants must

  • be enrolled at Goethe University
  • be taking classes in the standard period of study* 
  • have received a Deutschlandstipendium from Goethe University within the last 2 years

The same applies to foreign students or students with a foreign university entrance qualification.

You can also apply for the Deutschlandstipendium if you have applied to study at Goethe University but are not yet enrolled, e.g. due to an ongoing admission procedure. In this case, funding will be granted subject to your enrollment in the degree program for which you have applied for the scholarship.

Second degrees and Master's degrees are also funded.

Not eligible for funding:

  1. Study programs in the Studienkolleg
  2. Doctoral studies

Wie hoch ist meine Regelstudienzeit?

Standard period of study

For individual applications, the standard period of study for the relevant degree program applies. The following table is intended only as an overview.


Desired degreePeriod of study (semesters)
Bachelor6 / 8
Teaching degree, L1 and L27
Teaching degree, L3 and L59
Diplom9 / 10
State examination (Medicine)13
State examination (Dentistry)11
State examination (all others)9


First theological examination/Magister Theologiae*: 10

*Please contact us if you wish to extend the standard study period to learn a foreign language! 

Gibt es Ausnahmen bei Überschreitung der Regelstudienzeit?

Hardship application

If one of the reasons according to §7 para. 1 StipG applies to you, you can submit an informal application for an extension of the maximum funding period:

If the duration of your studies is extended for reasons of serious hardship, such as a disability, pregnancy, the care and upbringing of a child or a subject-related stay abroad, the maximum funding period can be extended on request. 

Send your application to deutschlandstipendium@uni-frankfurt.de in good time (at least 10 working days before the application deadline) with evidence of the reason for your hardship. This will ensure that you have enough time to apply within the application deadline once you have been notified.

The informal application should contain the following data:

  • First and last name
  • Matriculation number
  • Degree program
  • Application text with reasons for hardship
  • Supporting documents