Non-material Support Program

A special feature of the Deutschlandstipendium at Goethe University is the non-material support program.

In 2013, Goethe University was awarded first prize in the nationwide competition "Die Besten begleiten" (Supporting the Best) for its innovative support concept.

Beyond the financial support, the essence of the scholarship lies in its non-material support program, which aims to convey one principle above all: "Haltung zeigen" (take a stand). Our educational initiatives and events are designed to reinforce the scholars' commitment, while encouraging them to explore new avenues and find innovative solutions to promote social responsibility.

Working in small, interdisciplinary groups, scholars have the opportunity to examine and critically discuss current issues from a variety of perspectives. Together with volunteer mentors, they develop ideas and concepts that are then implemented in real-world projects, thus making a positive contribution to the university, the region, and our society in general.

Regular events such as workshops and lectures give scholarship holders the opportunity to get to know prominent figures from the region and the city of Frankfurt, to make important contacts, and to gain inspiration for their own careers. In addition, there a many opportunties for personal development and professional skills training. We have high hopes for you, so take an active role in shaping our citizens' university!

The program is primarily supported and financed by the Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main. We would like to thank the SPTG for its long-standing cooperation and generous support.

Scholar groups

The scholar groups thrive on interdisciplinarity and the shared motivation to make a positive contribution to improving their environment. Some projects are successfully completed within one year, others are handed over to a group in the next funding period. Scholarship holders have a chance to be creative and also give something back to their university and society.

Current group projects:


Group projects are supported by volunteer mentors who encourage the group to try new ideas and innovative approaches. They also make sure that the group stays on track during the project and provide advice and support.


Throughout the funding year there are numerous events where you can network with your fellow scholars and sponsors.

Lectures will give you the opportunity to discuss current issues with inspiring leaders from the region.

Interactive workshops are offered to support your personal development and professional growth.