Lecture halls, conference and seminar rooms can be rented at the University of Frankfurt locations under certain conditions.

External events are welcome at the university in order to manifest the openness and partnership of Goethe University with companies, the city, the region and the public. However, in order to avoid disruption to university operations, there are some general principles that must be observed when organising external events:
Teaching and research have priority at Goethe University and at CAMPUSERVICE. Only those times and rooms that are not used by campus operations are available for external events. These are, for example, the evening hours, weekends and lecture-free periods from mid-February to mid-April and from mid-July to mid-October each year, as well as certain rooms for individual appointments all year round.

The CAMPUSERVICE team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your event.

CAMPUSERVICE Veranstaltungen | Rossertstraße 2 | 60323 Frankfurt | Phone 069 / 71 58 57 0 | info@uni-frankfurt.campuservice.de

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