Part-Time Master Programs at Goethe Business School

The Goethe Business School (GBS), founded in 2004, provides executives and young professionals with an exclusive platform for various forms of continuing education at Goethe University Frankfurt. It is closely affiliated with the Faculty of Economics, and the wide spectrum of theoretical, practical, and societal issues within the field earned the Faculty the coveted accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) in 2005, making it one of the first in Germany to achieve this recognition, which represents the highest standards of excellence in research and education. 

In collaboration with the House of Finance, the House of Pharma & Healthcare, and the House of Digital Transformation, GBS successfully combines interdisciplinary and practice-oriented continuing education opportunities for working professionals in the fields of finance, preparation for strategic leadership roles in the pharmaceutical industry, and adapting to the advancing digital transformation at Goethe University Frankfurt. As an open forum, GBS promotes interaction and collaboration between academia, politics, and practical industry applications.

What sets us apart: 
GBS offers a professionally compatible study model that allows working students to find the perfect balance between their careers and studies. The bi-weekly lectures, held on Friday afternoons and Saturdays, not only deliver practical learning content but also promote direct interaction and exchange among students, faculty, and guest speakers. These lectures take place during the first three semesters, and in the fourth semester, students complete their project-based master's thesis.

All modules are taught in English and are conducted in the modern facilities located on the Campus Westend.

Target Audience for the Master's Programs:
These programs are designed for all (young) professionals and future leaders who aim to seize the opportunity for academic advancement, enabling them to advance both professionally and personally and qualify themselves for the next step in their careers.

The prerequisite for admission is an initial academic degree (e.g., Bachelor's) and demonstrated professional experience in related industries. For further information about each Master's program, deadlines, and application materials, please refer to the respective program links.

The following master's programs are offered on a part-time basis at GBS:

The objectives of the MBA master's programs are as follows:

  • To provide practical foundational knowledge in the field of management (Basic Phase).
  • To gain detailed insights into innovative management concepts through case studies and practical experiences from industry-specific contexts (Advanced Phase).
  • To find solutions to current and relevant issues, as well as to acquire insights and practical knowledge within and around the respective industry (Specialization Phase).
  • To understand complex issues and formulate solution pathways in the project-based final thesis (Master's Thesis).

The objectives of the Master in Finance (MA) program are as follows:

  • To provide practical foundational knowledge and analytical skills in financial areas (Basic Phase).
  • To gain detailed insights into Alternative Investments, Financial Management, and Risk Management through the use of case studies and calculation tables and to convey experiences from the professional practice of the financial industry (Advanced Phase).
  • To acquire specialized expertise in the areas of Financial Management or Risk Management (Specialization Phase).
  • To understand complex issues and the use of analytical tools to engage intensively with a suitable research question in the final thesis (Master's Thesis).

While there are common foundations in the modules during the basic and advanced phases of the programs, the emphasis of the course content is on industry-specific practices. Therefore, individualized content that bridges the gap between learned strategies and professional practice is introduced as early as the first semester.

For further information or if you have any questions, our Recruiting & Admissions team at GBS is readily available to assist you. If you would like to get to know us better, consider scheduling a personal conversation or registering for our information sessions to gain firsthand insights into our part-time master's programs.