Goethe University Executive Board

from left: Vice President Prof. Bernhard Brüne, Vice President Ulrich Schielein, Vice President Prof. Viera Pirker, Vice President Prof. Michael Huth, University President Prof. Enrico Schleiff, Vice President Prof. Sabine Andresen, Head of Adminstriation Dr. Ulrich Breuer.

The Executive Board is the university's managing body, and is made up of the President, four Vice Presidents and the Head of Administration. The president chairs the Executive Board and has the authority to issue guidelines. The president is elected by a majority of the elective assembly (Wahlversammlung) and represents the university outwardly. The Head of Administration manages the university administration according to the Executive Board's guidelines and is responsible for the budget. 

The duties of the Executive Board are legally set forth in § 43 and § 106 of the Hesse Higher Education Act. It is in charge of managing the university and – together with the University Council and other organs, including the Faculties, university members and affiliates – drives the university's internal and external development, and renders an annual account of its business management to the Senate. 

In addition, the Executive Board decides on the University's development plan, concludes target agreements, assigns the budgets, and draws up the economic plan. 

The Executive Board can make recommendations to the Senate for introducing and eliminating degree programs and makes decisions on establishing and eliminating scientific or technical facilities.