Goethe University Governing Bodies 

Goethe University has four governing bodies (§ 92 Hessian Higher Education Act, HHG), other committees and forums. While the organs of the Foundation are anchored in law, the University has established the bodies and forums within the framework of its self-administration.

Governing Bodies

Senate (§ 42 Hessian Higher Education Act, HHG)

The central representative body of all Goethe University interest groups is the Senate. It consists of nine members from among the professorial staff, three students, three academic employees and two administrative-technical staff members.

Franziska Würfel
+49 69 / 798 - 17256

Nina Simon
+49 69 / 798 - 17186


Executive Board (§ 43 Hessian Higher Education Act, HHG)

The Executive Board is the university's managing body. It is made up of the President, four Vice Presidents and the Head of Administration. The president chairs the Executive Board and has the authority to issue guidelines. The president is elected by a majority of the elective assembly (Wahlversammlung), and acts as the university's external representative. The Head of Administration manages the university administration according to the Executive Board's guidelines and is responsible for the budget.

Sebastian Keil
+49 069 / 798 - 18074

Isabell Ott
+49 069 / 798 - 12455


University Council (§ 48 and § 93 Hessian Higher Education Act, HHG)

Being a Stiftungsuniversität, Goethe University is a university foundation under public law. In its Higher Education Act, the Federal State of Hessen places academic supervision within the hands of the university's governing bodies. The University Council, whose members come from outside Goethe University, and the Economic and Finance Committee, which is ultimately responsible for business matters, act as the university's supervisory body.

Janus Gudian
+49 69 / 798 - 11105

Birgit Hölzinger
+49 69 / 798 - 18335


Board of Trustees (§ 94 Hessian Higher Education Act, HHG)

By returning to its original status as a university foundation under public law (Stiftungsuniversität) in 2008, Goethe University once more took up the Frankfurt foundation tradition. Following the reestablishment of the Stiftungsuniversität, the Foundation Board of Trustees was constituted on 19 May 2008.

Andreas Eckel
+49 69 / 798 - 12277

Christel Fäßler
+49 69 / 798 - 17250

Additional Committees and Forums (Selection)

Committee of Faculty Deans

The Committee of Faculty Deans is an internal advisory body consisting of all Faculty Deans as well as the members of the University's Executive Board.

Isabell Ott
+49 69 / 798-12455


Deans of Studies’ Committee 

The Deans of Studies' Committee was set up in 2010 to provide a forum for concerns related to teaching and to intensify the dialog between the Deans of Studies and the Executive Board. It is chaired by the Vice President for Studies, Teaching and Further Academic Education. The Deans of Studies' Committee meets up to four times a year. In addition to the Deans of Studies, other participants in the meetings include Dean's Office employees and representatives of the central units as well as of the AStA Students' Union Department for Study Conditions.

Isabell Ott
+49 69 / 798-12455


Deans of Research Committee 

The Deans of Research Committee was set up as a forum at Goethe University in 2018, when, in July that year, the Research Deans or the Associate Deans responsible for research matters met for the first time to discuss relevant research topics with the Vice President for Young Talent, Research and Transfer. The Committee aims to intensify the strategic coordination between the university's management and the Faculties on research issues..

Dr. Verena Schäfer-Nerlich
+49 69 / 798 - 15181


Internal Advisory Board (IAB)

Established in 2021, the tasks of the Internal Advisory Board (IAB) include advising the University's Executive Board on the further development of the Profile Areas and, in connection with this, offering guidance for the submission of applications for collaborative projects as well as submitting nomination proposals for top-class research prizes and proposals for external experts (e.g. for evaluation procedures or expert activities). Its members were nominated by their Profile Areas and appointed by the Executive Board.

Regine Leitenstern
+49 69 / 798 - 15195


International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB)

The International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) is a new external advisory body in the area of research, set up in 2021. It advises the Executive Board on strategic research issues, particularly with regard to Goethe University's positioning within the Excellence Strategy and the established Profile Areas. ISAB is composed of 16 external scientists from various disciplines with international reputations.

Dr. Verena Schäfer-Nerlich
+49 69 / 798 - 15181