Goethe University President 

Prof. Enrico Schleiff 

Personal Advisors: Isabel Steinhardt-Sedlak and Janus Gudian 

Executive Assistant: Isabel Völker and Christiana Fischer

Short Vita

Prof. Enrico Schleiff studied physics and biophysics at Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic), Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (Germany) and the University of Basel (Switzerland), received his PhD in biochemistry from McGill University in Montreal (Canada) and habilitated in botany and cell biology at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Germany). Since 2007, he has held the professorship (W3) of Molecular Cell Biology of Plants at Goethe University's Faculty of Biological Sciences and conducts research, in particular, on understanding plant function and response – including protein synthesis in plant cells and their adaptation to e.g. heat stress, the biogenesis of ribosomes, and the transport of molecules and proteins across membranes. 

In terms of collaborative research, Schleiff served, among others, as chair of a Marie Curie EU Initial Training Network program (2012-2017) and as vice-spokesperson of the Macromolecular Complexes cluster of excellence (2012-2019). He has been working as a liaison officer of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes) since 2013, and was involved in the Board of the German University Association of Advanced Graduate Training (Universitätsverband zur Qualifizierung des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses in Deutschland, UniWiND, 2012-2021). 

In university self-administration, he most recently served as Chairman of the Board of the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (2018-2020), and before that (2012-2018) Vice President of Goethe University with responsibility for early career researchers, equal opportunities and academic infrastructures. He was appointed President of Goethe University Frankfurt in January 2021.


Prof. Enrico Schleiff
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Isabel Steinhardt-Sedlak
Personal Advisor to the President
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Janus Gudian
Personal Advisor to the President
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Isabel Völker
Executive Assistant
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Christiana Fischer
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