Dr. Taylan Acar

Position: Post-Doctoral Researcher

Project No.3: Internalized Gender and Parenting Norms: Assessing Reconfigurations between Gender, Socio-Economic Status and Immigrant Background

Role: Taylan studies the parenting norms and practices in Germany and variations in these practices by gender, socio-economic status and immigrant background. Specifically, his focus is on how parents from different backgrounds approach the gendered division of labor for childcare, paid work and homework. In addition, his research examines the attitudes toward gender equality and use of external childcare and education; as well as the actual practices of childcare use among new parents.

About: Taylan completed his PhD at the Department of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After his doctoral studies on migrant children's educational achievements and aspirations in Germany, he completed a project titled "Changing Family Processes in Turkey: Fertility and Marriage," which was funded by Boğaziçi University Research Fund (BAP). His article from this project was published in Women Studies International Forum; the article also won the Turkish Population Studies Association's Ferhunde Özbay Best Article Award.

Selected Publications:

Acar, T. (2022). The role of educational attainment and educational pairings in women's marriage behavior in Turkey. Women's Studies International Forum (93), p. 102616. Online Version

Acar, T. & Özar, Ş (2021). Emek, Beden, Aile: Türkiye'de Kadınlık Halleri [Labor, Body, Family: State of Womanhood in Turkey]. Metis Publishing. Online Version

Acar T. (2018). The Variation in Educational Aspirations Among Immigrant Students in Germany. Research in the Sociology of Education, 20, 5–40. Online Version