Prof. Dr. Alexander Schmidt-Catran

Position: Principal Investigator

RISS-Project No.5: Internalized Ethnic and Cultural Reconfiguration: Natives' Reactions to Increasingly Heterogeneous Immigrant Populations 

Role: Alexander studies the impact of the immigrant population's composition on natives' perception of immigrants, their trust levels and their attitudes towards redistribution. He coordinates the research team involved in project no. 5 of RISS. He also closely cooperates with the team of project no. 1 to create innovative measurement instruments of social identity and construct complex multilevel data of the German population.

AboutAlexander studied social science at the University of Cologne, where he also received his PhD in 2013. His research focusses on immigration and welfare attitudes and statistical methods for the analysis of multilevel and panel data. He has been a professor of 'sociology of the welfare state' at the University of Mannheim and —since 2018— is a professor of 'sociology with a focus on quantitative empirical social research' at the Goethe-University.

Selected Publications:

Schmidt-Catran, A. W., & Spies, D. C. (2016). Immigration and welfare support in Germany. American Sociological Review, 81(2), 242-261. Online Version

Czymara, C. S., & Schmidt-Catran, A. W. (2017). Refugees unwelcome? Changes in the public acceptance of immigrants and refugees in Germany in the course of Europe's 'immigration crisis'.European Sociological Review, 33(6), 735-751. Online Version

 Röth, L.; Spies, D. and Schmidt-Catran, A. W. (2022). From Immigration over Redistributive Attitudes to Welfare Spending. The Moderating Role of Social Program Design.European Political Science Review(online first). Online Version

Schmidt-Catran, A. W. (2016). Economic inequality and public demand for redistribution: combining cross-sectional and longitudinal evidence.Socio-Economic Review, 14(1), 119-140. Online Version