Amina Elbarbary

Position: Doctoral Researcher

RISS- Project No. 1: RISS-CoRE

Role: Amina studies the importance of multidimensionality in understanding the reconfiguration and internalization of social structure. She focuses on how the multidimensional change in social structures, especially through the importance of cross- cutting cleavages, can help explain social political conflict and cohesion from a new perspective.

About: Amina is a PhD candidate in Political Science at the CDSS. She obtained her Bachelor's as well as her Master's degree at the University of Mannheim. In her Master Thesis, she focused on the effect of blasphemy laws on self-censorship on politically sensitive topics in both democracies and non-democracies. Amina is particularly interested in game theory, formal modelling and how public policies affect individuals' behaviours and preferences.