Dr. Regine Schwab

Research Associate

Goethe-University Frankfurt a.M.
Faculty of Social Sciences
Institute for Political Science
Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 6
60323 Frankfurt am Main

Raum: PEG 3.G002

Tel.: +49 (0)69 798-36600
E-Mail: Schwab@soz.uni-frankfurt.de


Since July 2022, Regine Schwab is working as a research associate at the Professorship of Political Science, especially radicalization and violence research. Within the professorship she will be a part of the Regional Research Center's project "Transformations of Political Violence". In addition, Regine Schwab works as a research associate at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF), where she has been employed since 2020. Previously, she was a doctoral candidate at Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, in Halle (Saale) as well as a lecturer at Freie Universität Berlin. She completed her Master of Arts in Social Sciences at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.  



  • Islamist and jihadist groups
  • Rebel governance
  • Syria
  • Intrastate conflicts
  • Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
  • Political violence and terrorism (with focus on intrastate conflicts)
  • Mixed Methods

Research Interests and Research Project regarding Regional Research Center "Transformations of Political Violence", Research Field 1 – Forms: Change and Continuity of Political Violence.

Research Interests:

  • Transformations of political violence
  • Transformations of wars and warfare 
  • Destruction of civilian infrastructure in situations of armed conflicts

Research Projects

Regine Schwab's research focuses on Islamist and jihadist actors in internationalized armed conflict, with a regional specialization on West Asia. I am particularly concerned with structures and institutions these actors (re)build, their behaviour and interaction with other groups but also civilians and external actors, ideological changes, and violence against civilians. I also research opportunities for engaging with militant Islamist groups in order to de-escalate and resolve conflicts.


Journal Articles (peer review)

Journal Articles (non-peer reviewed)

Chapters in Edited Volumes

  • 2023 Competitive Rebel Governance in Syria. In Rebel Governance in the Middle East, eds. Ibrahim Freihat and Abdalhadi Alijla. New York: Palgrave MacMillan. 
  • 2022 Who owns the Law? Logics of Insurgent Courts in the Syrian War (2012 –2017) (with Samer Massoud). In Actors and Dynamics in the Syrian Conflict's Middle Phase. Between Contentious Politics, Militarization and Regime Resilience, eds. Jasmine K. Gani and Raymond Hinnebusch. Oxon: Routledge.
  • 2015 Globalizing Elites from the 'Global South': Elites in Brazil and India (with Christian Schneickert and Andreas Kroneder). In Understanding the Dynamics of Global Inequality: Social Exclusion, Power Shift, and Structural Changes, eds. Alexander Lenger and Florian Schumacher. New York:Springer, 229–43.
  • 2014 De-Constitutionalising the Egyptian Constitution. In Proceedings of the International Conference, Tunis, 12-13 November 2013, eds. N. Belakhdar, I. Eickhof, A. El Khawaga, O. Elkhawaga, A. Hamada, C. Harders, S. Sandri. Working Paper Series, 179–92.


  • Living to Fight Each Other Another Day: How Insurgent Groups Manage Co-operation in Complex Civil Wars (revision of dissertation as book publication)

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Summer Term 2023

The Transformation of Armed Conflict - Seminar