Asia Related Courses and Programmes

The Goethe University Frankfurt offers an interdisciplinary Master’s course “Modern East Asian Studies (MEAS), and in addition there is a variety of courses with relevance to Asia which students can choose from. The academics affiliated with the IZO also offer courses with a focus on Asia in their respective disciplines, thus widening for students of other subjects the scope of choice from interdisciplinary studies and giving them an understanding of regional perspectives on Asia.


IZO Coordinator:

Bertram Lang
Bockenheimer Landstr. 133, Neue Mensa R. 305, PO 20
D-60325 Frankfurt/Main
Tel. +49 (0) 69-798-23284, email: izo[at]

MEAS Coordinator (contact person for all study-related questions):

Mirjam Tröster

Rostocker Straße 2, SKW, 5th floor, room 05.B140
60323 Frankfurt/Main
Mailing address:

Sinology/MEAS, FB09 - Linguistics, Cultures, and Arts
Mirjam Tröster/SKW
60629 Frankfurt

Tel. +49 (0)69-798-28795, email: m.troester[at]

Student Assistants:

Matthew Kwan-ho Lee (IZO), E-Mail: k.lee[at]

John Droß, (IZO/MEAS), E-Mail: dross[at]

Image Credits (left to right, top to bottom): Niepel (B.A. Sinology); Bälz (Japonology); Niepel (Korean Studies); Lang (B.A. Southeast Asia); Niepel (M.A. Sinology); Niepel (M.A. Japonology); Niepel (MEAS); Lang (SEAS)