Student Activities

The interests of students in the committees of the university self-administration are represented by the student council. More information about the student council of the institute can be found on the bulletin board in the hallway of the institute, and in the student council group room (IG 1.517).

You can also contact the institute group by e-mail:

The Frankfurter Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Kulturanthropologie (GeFKA) for students and alumni has been cooperating with the Institute for Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology since 1993. The goal of GeFKA is to make cultural anthropology accessible to a broader public, and to enrich student life. Our own radio program, our own scholarly publication (Anthropolitan), an exhibition group, and joint excursions are just a few of our established formats.

We are always happy to hear from students who would like to help shape our association's work, contribute ideas, and attend our events.

Also visit the Website and the Facebook page of the GeFKA.

GeFKA-Radio – the Student Radio of the Institute for Cultural Anthropology – powered by  Radio X FM 91,8 

Every first Monday of the month from 19:00 to 20:00 we present recent developments in the field of cultural anthropology from the Goethe University Frankfurt. Cultural anthropology describes the diversity and changes in human life. To this end, it examines social, economic and technical processes. The focus is on the perspective of interaction. People inter-react with their environment and create new practices, logics and cultures.

In a mix of discussions, interviews and theoretical contributions we will present topics from the fields of mobilities, globalization, digital society, knowledge of knowledge, urban cultures to the Radio X public. It will be philosophical and political at the same time.
GefKA's journal Anthropolitan has been published at regular intervals since 1974 and focuses on current scientific debates and discourses in cultural anthropology. In doing so, complexities of lifeworlds are illuminated from different perspectives. The Anthropolitan sees itself as a platform for scholarly contributions and essays and also aims to make visible student work that has been produced, for example, in the context of final theses. Therefore, we would like to encourage students in particular to contribute.

If you are interested in contributing, please contact us by email:

Student Activities at Goethe University