Overview of the Modules

- Status: 10. June 2013 -

The elective modules are thematically subdivided into the Groups A, B and C. Every student is required to select at least 4 elective modules from the Groups A and B, whereby at least one elective module from the Group A and one elective module from Group B. The 5th module can be freely selected form any of the three groups.

Modules in the Areas A and B:



1. Semesterhälfte

2. Semesterhälfte

1. Semesterhälfte

2. Semesterhälfte

A-4 Piepenbring

Ökophysiologie der
A-3 Brüggemann

Diversität & Evolution
der Pflanzen
A-5 Zizka

A-2 Tackenberg

Evolutionsbiologie aquatischer Organismen
B-2 Streit

B-3 Oehlmann

B-4 Oehlmann

Symbiosen der Pflanzen
A-6 Thines

Tierphysiologie II
B-9 Klimpel, Streit

Molekulare Phylogenie & Evolution der Tiere
B-5 N.N.

Evol.biologie der Säugetiere &
B-6 Schrenk

Experimentelle Ökologie
B-1 Streit

Klimawandel & Biodiversitäts-anpassungen
A-7 Schmitt

Baupläne der Tiere & Ökofaunistik
B-7 Klimpel

Evolutionäre & ökologische Genomik
B-11 Janke & Pfenninger

Community Ecology, Makro-ökologie & Naturschutz
B-10 Böhning-Gaese

The Modules A-2 to A-7, B-3 to B-5 und B-10 are also offered for the M.Sc. Environmental Sciences.

For the Module C there are the following options:

  • One or more modules (sum 15 CP), which are offered outside of the Study Regulations for the M.Sc. Ecology and Evolution in another study programme at a scientific university (Goethe University, other German university or a university abroad) and which have contents similar to our study programme (Sect. 9 Para. 1)
  • An internship outside the Goethe University

You will find additional information on the modules in the Study Regulations. Registration for the modules takes place here.