University Administration

Goethe University is governed by a strongly democratic and inclusive process

Goethe University is governed by a strongly democratic and inclusive process that involves faculty, students, and members of the administration and community. There are three primary governing bodies: the Executive Board, the University Council, and the Senate

The Executive Board is made up of the President, the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration, and four Vice Presidents. The Board is elected by a majority of the Wahlversammlung and is responsible for the overall management and development of the institution. A candidate for President is proposed by the extended Senate and the University Council; the latter is also involved in the election of other members of the Executive Board.

The University Council (link in German only) is made up of 11 highly-distinguished individuals from outside the university, including a representative of the Hessen Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and the Arts. The Council helps to appoint the Executive Board, approves the annual financial statement, and is involved in major decisions regarding foundation assets.

The Senate (link in German only) is made up of nine tenured professors, three students, three members of the scientific staff, and two administrative staff members.The Senate is responsible, among other things, for electing the President and the Vice Presidents; making decisions on matters related to study, research, teaching, and learning; and making recommendations on strategy and budget planning and faculty appointments.

The Board can make recommendations to the Senate on academic and other matters and serves as the chair of the Senate and Benefactors Council (an advisory board made up of major benefactors to the university). For many matters related to budget, personnel, management, and administration, the Board is expanded to include the respective Deans, as well as representatives for women, students, and the staff.