About the Friedrich Merz Visiting Fellowship Endowment

The Friedrich Merz Visiting Fellowship Endowment was founded in December 1985 on the 100th birthday anniversary of the company founder Friedrich Merz, who as one of the first members of the Senckenberg Society was closely connected to Frankfurt University and who promoted science. The goal of the visiting fellowship endowment is to appoint particularly renowned scientists in the fields of pharmacy and medicine to Goethe University Frankfurt. Awarded the first time in 1987, the fellowship has since been awarded annually, with only two exceptions. The visiting professor and the symposium, whose topics range from fundamental research to health services research, provides researchers from universities and industries an opportunity to exchange knowledge and continue collaborative work each year.

Current Friedrich Merz Visiting Professor - winter semester 2018/19

Podium discussion on 6th December 2018

Human organs and diseases in test tubes. Fiction or realistic alternative to animal testing?

The topic of this year's Friedrich Merz Visiting Fellowship Endowment with Professor Donald E. Ingber (Harvard University, USA) is miniature, living organ systems of human cells for researching diseases and testing new therapies. Since data from animal testing is in many cases impossible to apply to the human body due to species differences, meaningful human testing systems are urgently needed. Highly developed micro-reactor systems with human cells meanwhile allow a realistic replication of human tissues, as well as of clinical pictures and even application within personalized medicine. How strong is the validity of animal testing really? Which human organs can be replicated in test tubes and how can research profit from this? How can the future of personalized medicine be structured with patient-specific organ systems?

More Information: Homepage Wyss Institute

Podium discussion on 6th December 2018

Podium guests: Prof. Donald E. Ingber (Founding Director Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard University), Prof. Maike Windbergs (Pharmacy,, Goethe University), Dr. Martin (State Animal Welfare Officer for Hessen) and Dr. Stefan Albrecht (Chief Scientific Officer, Merz Pharma) and Prof. Manfred Schubert-Zsilavecz (Moderation). 

Location: Arkadensaal des Goethe-Hauses, Großer Hirschgraben 23- 25, 60311 Frankfurt

Start: 6 pm

About Merz

Merz is a global, family.owned aesthetics and neurotoxin company located in Frankfurt. The power of innovation, a long-term perspective and a focus on profitable growth characterize the company, which has been privately owned for over 110 years. In addition to an extensive portfolio of aesthetic products in the categories medical devices, injectable products and skin care, Merz also develops neurotoxins for treating neurologically-caused movement disorders. Merz's sales in the 2017/2018 financial year amounted to € 1,024.4 million. With locations in 28 countries, the Group has 3,151 employees. Further information: www.merz.com