Studies and Teaching                

jo niess

Joachim Nieß

Coordination of the Office of the Dean of Studies, program management, committee work, advisor to the Dean of Studies

Room:2.G 128
Tel.:+49 69 798-36561

Student Counseling                    

Alexander Simon

Advisor on the BA degree programs in Political Science and Sociology (major and minor), advisor on the MA programs, MA admission, internship advice, career guidance, student newsletter
Room:2.G 133
Tel.:+49 69 798-36564

International Relations Management

Dr. Anke Reinhold

Advice on internationalization, ERASMUS+ stays and other exchange programs
Room: 2.G 134
Tel.:+49 69 798-36571

Studies and Teaching                

Fabian Schorb

Fabian Schorb

Program and institute management Focus on Political Science and Academic Controlling
Room:2.G 126
Tel.:+49 69 798-36566

Studies and Teaching                

Arne Laloi

Program and institute management Focus on Sociology
Room:2.G 135
Tel.:+49 69 798-36567

International Students Administration

Susanne Preuß

Room: 2.G 136
Tel.:+49 69 798-36669

Management of Examination Office

Dieter Groh

Room: 2.G 130
Tel.:+49 69 798-36562

Administration of Examination Office

Daniela Toplicanec

Room:2.G 132
Tel.:+49 69 798-36589

Administration of Examination Office

Susanne Preuß

Room:2.G 131
Tel.:+49 69 798-36563