Our Approach

The Mercator Science-Policy Fellowship-Programme is a free programme that is designed to meet the specific needs of senior professionals in the public sector, the media, and civil society. The programme aims at fostering dialogue between senior professionals from different sectors and researchers from research institutions in Frankfurt, Darmstadt, and Mainz. The programme is inspired by the policy fellowship programmes at the Centre for Science and Policy at the University of Cambridge.

The fellowship programme is structured around face-to-face meetings between the fellows and academic researchers. The fellows provide lists of topics they are interested in, and, based on their preferences, each fellow receives a tailor-made schedule of face-to-face meetings. Fellows can ask specific questions about technical issues, engage in debates on fundamental policy questions, or become acquainted with topics they are not yet familiar with. This gives them the opportunity to learn about new academic perspectives on the policy issues they are working on. 

The programme thus provides a rare opportunity for senior professionals to liaise with academics from research institutions in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main area and peers from the public sector.

Funded by the Stiftung Mercator, the programme is run by the Rhine-Main Universities in collaboration with numerous research institutions in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main area.