Hear how the Goethe goes global scholarship benefited students from around the world.


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"When I look back at all the achievements I accomplished in the last few years I see that nothing wouldn't have happened if the support from GGG Scholarship hadn't been there. I also see that some very significant friendships of mine wouldn't have been there today if the foundation hadn't brought me together with those people.

In general, the scholarship provided me with the crucial ingredients for educational, professional and personal growth which will have a huge impact on all my future endeavors.

After obtaining my Master's Degree at Goethe University I worked as a research assistant at the Neurology Department of the University Hospital in Frankfurt for almost one year, after which I enrolled in the PhD programme in Biomedicine at the University of Geneva."

- Aleksandar Arsovic from Serbia, Goethe Goes Global scholarship holder 2017-2019, M.Sc. Interdisciplinary Neuroscience

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"The GGG scholarship not only gave me the possibility to focus on my education without worrying about the financial costs of a life in Germany, but also provided me with the opportunity to get introduced to the scientific research world & the academic life. Having the possibility to spend internships in cutting edge neuroscience laboratories, allowed me to choose my next step by  being able to get a PhD position in the Max-Planck Society and continue to build on my passion for science.

I am now in the third year of my PhD, working on the memory & navigation system of the brain, which is one of the most intricate & interesting existing research fields. And I can tell with confidence that without the GGG scholarship, I would not be able to stand where I am now & use the state of the art technology to study the most complex system that we know of.

For me as a middle class, middle eastern student, this was a dream coming true."

- Zahra Golipour from Iran, Goethe Goes Global scholarship holder 2016-2018, M.Sc. Interdisciplinary Neuroscience


"Goethe Goes Global provided me with the real opportunity for financing my staying abroad in order to pursue a theoretical particle physics career.

 This was not only a fundamental step for my intended PhD in Germany but also has contributed immensely to my personal growth and to the diversity of the mainly German Physics Master's programme.

I doubt that without the scholarship I would be able to be in the position where I am now: Doing a PhD at the reknown Helmholtz research center DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) in Hamburg, where I work on EFT (effective field theory) searches."

- André Zimermmane Castro Santos from Brazil, Goethe Goes Global scholarship holder 2018-2020, M.Sc. Physics