Anti-Discrimination Center

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The Anti-Discrimination Center at Goethe University

The Anti-Discrimination Center is part of the Equal Opportunities Office and offers counseling, mediation, and information. We support persons affected by discrimination and aim to abolish the underlying structures that enable discrimination.

Have you experienced discrimination on campus?
Have you observed others being treated in a discriminatory manner? 

We will support and advise you.


What is Discrimination?

Discrimination describes various forms of humiliation, disadvantage, harassment, exclusion or marginalization in terms of:

❚ racist reasons (concerning appearance, assumed or actual origin and/or religion, name etc.)
❚ religion, beliefs, or philosophy of life
❚ gender or sex
❚ sexual identity and/or orientation
❚ physical/mental capabilities or appearance
❚ age
❚ socio-economic background and/or status
❚ family status
❚ etc.


Our Services

❚ initial consultation
❚ individual and group counseling
❚ support to find a specialized counseling center
❚ protection against discrimination and prevention of discrimination
❚ information and awareness-raising on discrimination

Recipients of our Services:

❚ students, staff and any persons affiliated with the university who have experienced discrimination
❚ supporters of persons who have suffered from discrimination
❚ witnesses to instances of discrimination and violence
❚ teachers, consultants and other confidants who wish to receive more information about antidiscrimination

Our Counseling Principles

❚ confidential and at no charge
❚ focus on your wishes and needs
❚ joint development of possible options for action