Engagement-Funding Opportunities for International Students

Information for students who are interested in volunteering

For many clubs, initiatives, and projects, it is vital to get information about funding opportunities to secure their financial resources. If you are organizing a student club and looking for funding opportunities, the following information may be helpful. Here, you can find information about funding opportunities and programs of Goethe University, the International Office, and the city of Frankfurt.

Promotion and Support of Cultural Activities of Goethe University

  • Financial support for student self-organized events

Do you have some ideas to support international students by organizing events in your department? Or do you want to introduce your home country to German students through intercultural news, films, photos, and dinner parties?

The International Office not only offers advice on the planning of events but also gives financial grants for self-organized events.

Financial subsidies for events can be reimbursed up to 250 euros for material costs (e.g. printing costs, meals). Further conditions: Submission of an event concept at least four weeks in advance of the event, list of participants with the signatures of the participating international students, preparation of a report after the event with evidence of the costs (invoices, receipts).

Support with the allocation of rooms can be provided in the case of recognized initiatives of Goethe University or in cooperation with the International Office at events (e.g. participation in the greeting or presentation of services of Goethe University).

How does it work?

In order to obtain our funding, please fill out the following application form and send it to us (together with the documents requested in the application) by email to engagement@uni-frankfurt.de

Click here to download the application form.

For inquiries and arrangements on this topic, contact us via email: engagement@uni-frankfurt.de

  • Engagement Scholarship for International Students

The International Office awards the engagement scholarship to international students who volunteered for the interests of international students, international prospective students, or international alumni.

The scholarship will be advertised again in June 2021.

You can find all the important details on application requirements and deadlines here: https://www.goethe-university-frankfurt.de/62938950/Scholarships_at_Goethe_University?


  • Teaching Fund (from the "Teaching and Quality Assurance" department)

The Teaching Fund supports innovative measures in study and teaching and is aimed at student groups and initiatives that enrich the implementation and participation in teaching at Goethe University through social, cultural, and university policy engagement. For example, student projects such as student tutorials, alternative teaching projects, or business games are eligible for funding.

Here you can find more details about the fund and contact information: https://www.uni-frankfurt.de/82490430/Definitionen_F%C3%B6rderfonds.pdf#Initiativen


  • AstA Fund

AstA provides financial aid in the form of a project fund and a cultural fund. The project fund is aimed at co-finance of the projects with student relevance and the cultural fund is aimed at cultural projects and events organized by students.

The application for the project and cultural funding proceeds through the board of AstA and should contain the following information: project title, project sponsor (group/association/student body), applicant (responsible person), project description (type, purpose, schedule), its relevance to studying and student life, requested funding amount, financial plan, project start, and address.

You can find further details on funding and contact information on the AstA homepage: https://asta-frankfurt.de/downloadsundformulare/basisinformation

Funding from the City of Frankfurt / the Office for Multicultural Affairs (AmkA)

The AmkA (Office for Multicultural Affairs) supports projects and events by associations that promote dialogue between different national, ethnic and cultural population groups in Frankfurt and improve integration into society.

Note that the AmkA offers consulting and support for associations and clubs as well. If you have questions about club management (e.g. how can I build a new club? What do I have to pay attention to?) and financial aid, contact the office.

You can find everything you need to know about AmkA's support services here:


With the stadtRAUMfrankfurt, the AmkA also offers a wide range of information in the form of workshops and events for Frankfurt initiatives, associations, and volunteers in Frankfurt.

On this official website, you can find details on the events stadtRAUMfrankfurt.

You can find an overview of the AmkA here.

Other relevant websites:

Further relevant information and suggestions on funding opportunities for social engagement can also be found on the following websites:

#deinehrenamt / The Office for Civic Engagement of Hesse:


House of Resources / beramí (a BMI funded project that financially supports social projects in Frankfurt):


The Office of Civic Engagement of Frankfurt (with information on the proof/certificates of civic engagement, etc.):


AmkA / Flyer Club Coaching:

https: //www.vielfalt-bewegt- frankfurt.de/sites/default/files/medien/downloads/flyer_vereinscoaching.pdf

Crowdfunding for social projects, associations, and initiatives: