Goal No. 15 – Life on Land

Explanation of the goal

Sustainable Development Goal No. 15 is concerned with the protection, restoration and sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems. The aims are to manage forests in a sustainable way, combat desertification and halt land degradation and biodiversity loss. Specific targets are the conservation of ecosystems, afforestation, protection of endangered species, equitable access to genetic resources and integration in development and planning processes (UN 2020).

What does that mean in relation to Goethe University?

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Voices of the Goethe University

"At present, just over two million species of plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms are known. In addition, there are many millions of undescribed species, especially of insects, fungi and bacteria. We have evidence that they exist, but no idea what functions they perform in the ecosystem and how they contribute to natural regulatory cycles and adaptations to disturbances. Therefore, the conservation of natural areas with all the creatures they contain and a gentle, respectful treatment of nature are indispensable for the long-term preservation of ecosystem functions, on which human survival also depends." 

- Prof.'in Dr. Meike Piepenring -


"With the 'Sylvicultura oeconomica' of Hans Carl von Carlowitz, a raw material-based and economic sustainability concept took root in our country about ten generations ago and initiated reforestation projects. This was later joined by efforts for the sustainability of ecological diversity, environmental protection and quality of life, as well as social sustainability in business and in a global and peace-keeping context. However, not all facets can be reconciled simultaneously, and demographic and political changes mean that new approaches to solutions are required time and again. Weightings, perspectives and priorities will be readjusted in every generation. Therefore, this topic will not leave us... "

- Prof. Dr. Bruno Streit -


"Biodiversity is the basis of our existence. We obtain everything that is important for our existence from nature: air, food, water, recreation, exchange. Science and research are still necessary to better understand biodiversity and its importance for humans. At the same time, we know enough to act. The current decline in biodiversity is dramatic. We therefore need to act now, collectively, across sectors, based on our knowledge; we need major social and political transformations."

- Prof.'in Dr. Katrin Böhning-Gaese -

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