Careers and Courses of Study without Barriers – Welcome to the University!

You plan to begin or continue your studies at Goethe University as a student living with an impairment of health – a chronic condition, a mental health issue or a disability

As a member of staff or faculty, you help to shape university life and have questions on how an impairment might influence your work and what adequate measures of support there could be in a given situation?

On this website, we intend to provide you with detailed information on studying with a disability (health impairment) at Goethe University, and on how to continue your career while coping with a health issue. 

Here you will find:

  • Information on counselling and advisory services, and the right persons or offices to contact
  • Practical advice for people with disabilities or health issue at your university

and, specifically for students:

We are well aware that studying with a health impairment presents additional barriers and challenges – for all concerned, including the university itself. However, it also constitutes a crucial and inspiring chance to discover new options and spheres of action – beyond the impairment.

Goethe University has begun its evolution toward becoming an inclusive university. In August 2020, its Action Plan on Inclusion was put into effect. (Read the announcement in German here.) 

We would like to support the development of your talents – unimpaired, and without limits.

Decision to Study and Application

Which aspects of my situation should influence my choice of studies? What should candidates with health issues consider in their application for a study programme?

Studying and Living in Frankfurt

What assets does Frankfurt/M. have to offer as a location of study? What about Goethe University's progress towards an accessible architecture? Which support options are available locally? 

Support for Students

What general conditions and support strategies may I expect during my studies? Which rules and regulations apply? Can I get personal assistance – and how?

Good Work at Goethe University

How do impairments affect the way we work at and for our university? What kind of support is offered to staff and faculty members with health issues? How can I implement the principles of accessible teaching? Initial advice here.


Advice and Support for Students with Health Issues
Beratung für Studierende mit Beeinträchtigung

Arrange an appointment online 

Studying with health issues

What kind of problems are addressed? Does this concern me personally? Will I find information and support to improve my situation here? On interests and terminologies.

Stronger with peer support

Contacts for Internationals

Try joining the Internationaler Studientreff or the Buddy Program with our International Office.

This English Version is intended to support our international audience. In cases of doubt, please consult the German original pages. For corrections and comments, please contact Christoph Trüper.