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Refund of semester ticket fee

International students who spent at least three months abroad in the wintersemester 2021/2022 due to attendance events that did not take place can submit an application for a refund starting on 15th January 2022:


Covid Testing for Students

There will be the possibility of free Corona testing for everyone, who cannot get vaccinated, or for people who belong to a group for which there is no general recommendation to get vaccinated. Students from abroad, who live in Germany and are vaccinated with a vaccine, which is not accepted here, fall within this category as well and will have access to free testing. (

Students who would like to make use of free Covid testing have to prove that they are entitled to receive a free test. People who cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons, e.g. due to certain pre-existing health conditions, need a doctor’s certificate. This certificate has to show the reason why a vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 is not possible, however, it does not have to include a diagnosis. Pregnant women can use their “Mutterpass” as an equivalent to the doctor’s certificate. Students who are vaccinated with a vaccine that is not accepted in Germany (see the list of accepted vaccines at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut under, have to present their proof of enrolment from the university and their foreign vaccination card.

Please be aware of the fact that students who are not willing to get the Covid vaccine will have to cover the costs of regular Covid testing themselves.

+++Vaccinations on campus+++

Find more information here (in German only)

General information 

COVID-19: General advice and information

Current information for students regarding this winter semester 2021/22 (in German only)

(September 2021)

Further information for international students

Covid-19: Infos

Covid-19: Support / Emergency aid

Covid-19: Counselling & Services


Important information on health insurance you can find under "residence and study" here.


+++ International Office flyer for counselling & services for international students and applicants in times of Covid-19 regulations here +++


+++ Interim financial aid (Überbrückungshilfe) +++

You can apply again for Interim financial aid (Überbrückungshilfe). Further information you can find here.

+++ HI-BUDDY (HI: Home Isolation) +++

You have to stay in quarantine and you need help? You can contact the project team "Act, Connect & Reflect" via e-mail: