Covid-19 Support / Emergency Aid


Support and Emergency Aid

Financial Aid for Students

(last updated July 7th, 2020)

Since 01.04.2020 (until 30.06.2020) there is a claim for protection against dismissal and deferment of payment for contracts securing the existence of the basic supply. Link BMJV Please contact your landlord, electricity and telephone provider etc. proactively and ask for a deferment of payment. Please note, however, that this is a deferral, you will have to pay the money at a later date.

  • BAföG (only available in German):

    • Postponement of the start of lectures does not affect BAföG entitlement

    • If examinations are postponed to times after the standard period of study, the submission date for the performance record may also be postponed accordingly

    • If certain required proofs cannot be obtained (e.g. due to closure of the university), this does not prevent BAföG funding

    • If your parents are currently earning less, e.g. due to short-time work, your chances of receiving BAföG or higher BAföG support are greater

  • Goethe University's Job Center offers an overview of alternative student jobs in quarantine.

For further information on financing your course of study and financial emergencies, please visit the following website.

Housing Support

  • Termination protection for tenants during Coronavirus pandemic:
    • Please note, the termination protection for tenants during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as deferment of payment for e.g. phone, gas and electricity expired on July 1st,2020. Which means, that you must pay your debt in rent for the months of April-June 2020 until June 30th, 2022. For more information, please visit this webpage.

  • The Housing Office of the City of Frankfurt informs tenants about protection against dismissal during the Coronavirus pandemic, here (in German language only).
  • Advice via telephone concerning housing in Frankfurt:
    • The Office for Housing of the City of Frankfurt offers free advice via telephone concerning housing in Frankfurt: +49 69 212 34711 / Tue + Fri: 8:30 - 12:00
    • More information here (webpage in German language only). 

Psychosocial Care

          Tel.: 069/798-34905 or 069/798-34922

         Tel.: 069/798-25366

Emergency Child Care

Single parent students are admitted to emergency care with current regulations. All information, including how to apply for an emergency care place, can be found here (in German).

For this purpose, the childcare provider usually requires proof from the employer / the university that you belong to one of these groups.

Applying for an emergency childcare place
The Goethe University acts as a confirming body for single parents.
Please download the application form from the website of the Hessian State Parliament of Social Affairs (link below) and send it completed to
The student secretariat will then confirm by signature and stamp that you are registered with us and return the form to you. With the completed form you can apply for emergency care.
Important: This option is ONLY available to single-parent students.

Note: In the facilities of BVZ GmbH, the student card and the completed form is sufficient as proof for students.

The current application form (02.06.2020)

On the website of the Hessian State Parliament of Social Affairs and Integration (in German) you will always find the most current information on this topic.