Engagement during Covid-19

How to start your engagement during Covid-19

Help for International Students in Quarantine

BECOME HI-BUDDY (HI: Home Isolation)!

Many international students want to come to Germany to spend their semester abroad at Goethe University despite all the complications with entry requirements. For this reason, they need our support in the start-up phase. In some cases, individuals have to stay in quarantine for two weeks after their arrival in Frankfurt depending on the area of origin (risk area or not) and their health status. Therefore, we would like to assist the newcomers as much as possible within the framework of the RKI standards (hygiene requirements by the Robert Koch Institute).

  • You can support them as a digital ‘HI-Buddy’
  • by helping online, on the phone, and with shopping during their quarantine period.
  • Nobody can understand the situation better than you! But you are not alone: The International Office supports you.

If you are interested, register here!

Help for Primary School Children in Quarantine


For a whole year, the primary school children in Frankfurt experienced many changes due to the corona pandemic. Unfortunately, not every child had the opportunity to receive sufficient support during this time. Give a primary school child time and attention for more educational equality through your participation in the mentoring project of KinderHelden!

  • Be a reading and leisure companion (analog or digital)
  • Targeted 1: 1 support through mentoring
  • Learning together, paying attention to a child and accompanying them.

Are you interested? Get all information about the project in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vih8FbTnYXg or at www.kinderhelden.info

Here you can find some useful tips and links on how you can keep volunteering despite physical distancing during the corona pandemic. In this current situation, we can help each other by simply staying at home and avoiding social contact.

However, there are despite the corona pandemic plenty of Engagement opportunities in Frankfurt and surroundings. Take a look and show solidarity to our fellows!