Academic performance

The main criterion is academic performance and takes into account the academic achievements and progress made so far.

Your grades will be ranked only in this group, which means only among the grades of students of the same faculty, the same study period and, in case of large degree programs, of the same degree program.

With which grades do I enter the race?

In the 1st semester

  • We consider the grade of the university entrance qualification
  • Applicants in their second degree program apply with the grade of their first degree program.

From the 2nd semester onwards

  • From the second semester onwards, the performance and progress are taken into account.
  • Academic achievement is measured according to the CP-weighted average grade, which takes into account all the achievements recorded in the system in relation to the associated credit points.
  • Progression is measured by the number of credit points achieved in relation to the semester.
  • The reference semester is always the previous winter semester.

Master Phase

  • The grade of your bachelor's degree will be considered
  • In case you have not received your grade of your bachelor's degree yet, the grade with which you have applied to your degree program will be considered
  • Applicants in their second degree programm apply with the grade of their first degree program.

Special arrangement for students of Fachbereich 16

Medical and dental students are divided into two groups:

1st semester: Students from the 1st - 4th semester apply with the grade of their university entrance qualification.

2nd main study phase: Students from the 5th semester onwards apply with the grade of the 1st Staatsexamen.