What additional documents must I submit with my application?

Usually, there are no further documents required

Your personal data and information about previous studies and performance which will be relevant to the selection process will be automatically transferred from the student’s database, if already existent. Should there be incorrect parts of your personal data, you need to update them at the Student’s-Service-Center. Should there be wrong information about your previous studies, please contact the responsible examination authority.

Furthermore you will be asked to answer questions on your biography and socio-demographic facts. This information can be given optionally. It will be used for the selection process only and will be forwarded to the faculties estranged.

Possibly required documents to upload during the online application:

  • Transcript of records (pdf-document)

  • Confirmation of BAföG (pdf-document)

In case your grade should not be transferred automatically, there could be different reasons for that:

  • Your grade is not yet existent or has not yet been added to the data. In this case, you may fill in the grade by yourself and upload a confirmation of this grade. Students of law are required to transform points into grades according to the conversion chart.

  • Your bachelor's grade is not yet existent or has not yet been added to the data. In this case, you may fill in your preliminary bachelor grade by yourself and upload your transcript of records in addition.

Proof of extraordinary performance

For the online application you do not need to upload any proof of overcoming personal challenges, your social commitment or other extraordinary achievements such as internships or similar. However, we reserve the right to ask you to provide us with the relevant evidence in order to verify your details. We therefore recommend that you have the evidence to hand.