Evaluation of study programs

The evaluation of study programmes, in which the Department of Teaching and Quality Assurance plays a leading role, is a reliable way of enhancing the development of teaching and studies at Goethe University. The objective is to promote this development by collecting and evaluating feedback from the students, lecturers, and staff of respective study programs.

This is a dialog-driven process involving three rounds of discussions

Firstly, a group of students is interviewed about their overall experience at the University and, more importantly, about their study program. Since the students' feedback provides the basis for further discussions, it is crucial that as many students as possible participate in the interviews in order to gain a deeper insight into the study environment. The topics discussed include the students' motivations and expectations, the introductory period, the organization of studies and examinations, the length of programs and workloads, infrastructure and resources, counselling and supervision, and internationalization. 

Secondly, the points of concern, both positive and negative, are discussed with those responsible for the study program and lecturers. 

Thirdly, in a concluding discussion, students, lecturers, and staff members jointly develop possible solutions and a variety of approaches to resolving differences. 

The Department of Teaching and Quality Assurance is responsible for moderating discussions, analyzing data (mostly key indices and student survey results), and writing the summary report, which is coordinated with all participating parties. In contrast, small study programs are evaluated in an abbreviated, single-stage procedure, consisting of a discussion with students as well as lecturers and those responsible for the respective study program. 

The results of the evaluation of a study program are reviewed in the Departmental Curriculum and Teaching Committee and the report always forms part of the next reaccreditation process.

Publication on Formative Study Program Evaluation

Steinhardt, Isabel/Iden, Kirsten (2012): Formative Studiengangsevaluation: erfolgreiche Verknüpfung der dokumentarischen Evaluationsforschung, des Expertengesprächs und universitärer Kennzahlen. In: Qualität in der Wissenschaft – Zeitschrift für Qualitätsentwicklung in Forschung, Studium und Administration (QiW), 4/2012, 6. Jahrgang, S. 105-110.


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Evaluation of Courses

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