Quality assurance at Goethe University is based on quantitative and qualitative instruments of evaluation, which can be subdivided into those relating to study programs und those relating to teaching itself. Teaching-related quality assurance consists, first and foremost, of evaluation of individual courses, while program-related quality assurance includes study program evaluation, key figures in studies and teaching, as well as surveys. In addition, further specific target group related evaluations are conducted. 

The evaluation of study programs is intertwined with the procedures of the internal (re-)accreditation of study programs: The recommendations of the latter are reviewed during the evaluation of study programs , whilst the results of the former are presented to the external reviewers during the internal (re-)accreditation process. This enables the faculties of Goethe University to improve their study programs in a continuous process of reflection and discussion. 

Evaluation of individual courses

The evaluation of of individual courses is a key instrument of quality assurance in teaching at Goethe University. By providing structured and systematic feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of courses, it is supposed to initiate a conversation and an understanding between teachers and students concerning the quality of teaching. Therefore, the evaluation of courses provides a substantial contribution to the continuous development of teaching.

Evaluation of study programs 

The evaluation of study programs is a reliable way of enhancing the development of teaching and studies at Goethe University. The objective is to promote this development by collecting and evaluating feedback from the students, lecturers, and staff of respective study programs.

Key figures and rankings

Key figures in studies and teaching are collected and provided by the student and examination statistics. They are subsequently processed by LuQ for key figure reports, which are then made available to the faculties and institutes of Goethe University. Their aim is a continuous reflection and discussion of the data in the faculties and thus an incentive for the improvement of studies and teaching at Goethe University.

A key data portal is currently in development. It will provide support for the analysis of key figures in studies and teaching for those responsible for the respective study programs in the faculties of Goethe University. For example, the key data portal will allow the analysis of study progresses as well as the targeted analysis of specific examinations. Its overall aim is the further development of study programs at Goethe University.

University rankings play a key role in coining the public image of a university. Moreover, they are an important source of information for prospective students. Therefore, Goethe University participates in a selection of national and international rankings.

Surveys and further evaluations

Wichtige Bestandteile der Qualitätssicherung in Studium und Lehre an der Goethe-Universität sind Befragungen von Studierenden sowie (zielgruppen-)spezifische Evaluationen: