Admission process Medicine, Dentistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacy (Non-EU applicants)

Application and Admission

The places for the degree programs Medicine, Dentistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacy at the Goethe University, will be allocated to non-EU applicants through their achieved grade in the university entrance qualification and the result of their ‘Test for Academic Studies’ (TestAS) in the Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences Module. The TestAS must be taken in German and the results must be handed in before the respective deadline.

The programs medicine and biochemistry only start in winter semester. Dentistry begins in the winter and summer semesters. The application process will go through The next application deadline for the summer semester is January 15, 2023, and for the winter semester July 15, 2023.

You are able to take the TestAS worldwide, including Germany, at numerous locations. The participation of the TestAS is not free of charge. For further information on the test centers in Germany or in other countries, or the current test dates, you can follow this link: You can then upload the results of your completed TestAS to your online application in uni-assist; you do not need to send your TestAS certificate via mail to uni-assist in Berlin along with your other documents.

Weighting/Importance of grades for the application: Please note that your university entrance qualification grade counts as 51% of the final selection process, the result of the TestAS Core Test counts 19%, and the result of the Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences Module is 30%. Further information can be found in the statute: Auswahlsatzung. If you do not take the TestAS, it will count as 5.0 and be 49% of your entire application.

Please note: If you have done the TestAS several times, only the best result of the first two certificates will count for the Goethe-University.

Finally, please note that by the time of your application, you already need to have proven your German language skills on a DSH-3 level or equivalent. Further information on the language skills needed, can be found here

(The above-mentioned information only applies to non-EU citizens. EU citizens, non-EU citizens that are married to an EU citizen, and applicants with a German high school diploma need to apply through for the degree courses Medicine and Dentistry.)