Local Engagement

Opportunities in Frankfurt and Hesse

Über den Tellerrand Frankfurt e.V. 

Über den Tellerrand creates opportunities for people of different cultures to meet and get to know each other, based on shared interests. Founded in Berlin in 2013, diverse activities, mentoring programs, cookbooks, and cooking courses bring people together in over 35 cities across Germany and around the world.

Über den Tellerrand Frankfurt e.V. offers different engagement opportunities:

  • intercultural cooking courses
  • Tandem /mentoring programs
  • diverse activities (e.g. Summer-/ Winter-Events, persistent meetings, etc.)

More information at https://ueberdentellerrand.org/frankfurt/


KinderHelden is a Non-Profit-Organization, which offers a mentoring program for primary school children with social difficulties. The platform enables 1:1 tandems and professional guidance for children.

  • Activities: persistent meetings with a child (1x per week for about 2-3 hours for at least one year)
  • Focus in 1:1 mentoring (e.g. learning, playing, exploring the city, participating in group events)
  • You bring reliability, intercultural skills, patience, courage, and creativity!

More information at https://www.kinderhelden.info

STUBE Hessen

STUBE Hessen is a development-oriented education program for students from Africa, Asia, and Latin America who are studying in Hesse. STUBE Hessen offers seminars, academies and workshops, promotes work experience schemes in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and supports students in the organization of public events in their cities.

  • Focus: academical exchange through weekend seminars and academies emphasizing development policy. Promotion of foreign students in cooperation with many organizations e.g. the Hessian Universities, church and non-church organizations
  • You can participate at STUBE events and take an active part as co-instructor and/or speaker

More information at https://www.wusgermany.de/de/auslaenderstudium/stube-hessen

Netzwerk Chancen. Aufsteiger

The network Netzwerk Chancen. Aufsteiger is a free support program for those who are striving for social advancement and networking in Germany.

  • For young people between 18 and 39 years
  • Focus: organization of regular networking events, contacts with employers, workshops, and exchange with recognized personalities
  • Through numerous webinars, you can participate in the online seminars/workshops from all over Germany

More information at https://www.netzwerk-chancen.de/aufsteiger

ESN (Erasmus Student Network) Frankfurt am Main

ESN Frankfurt am Main is a student organization that helps students from all over the world get used to the new environment and feeling in Frankfurt.

  • Focus: organization of various events, day trips, and weekend trips with international students
  • Getting to know each other in a friendly atmosphere at a restaurant every Monday evening.
  • You can bring in cultural diversity, tolerance, your own perspective, and wishes!

More information at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/esnfrankfurt / Instagram: @esnfrankfurt / Mail: mail@esnfrankfurt.de

Stadtteilbotschafter Frankfurt am Main 

The Foundation "Polyteschnische Gesellschaft" offers a platform for young "district ambassadors" in Frankfurt. 
Important: for this engagement, it is necessary to speak and write german fluently!

As an ambassador, you can organize and realize new projects and ideas for your district.

  • Main goal: cultural and social exchange in urban space 
  • Yout get: seminars, workshops, consultation, mentoring, and financial support for your projects
  • You bring: motivation and new ideas 

ADAN (Afrodeutsches Akademiker Netzwerk)

ADAN is an association founded in Frankfurt in 2014 by an initiative of ambitious students with African roots. With currently seven regional locations across Germany, ADAN is also represented in Frankfurt a.M. The network now has over 230 members who are involved in voluntary work. ADAN is dedicated to making diversity visible in German society and providing a platform for the exchange of Afro-Germans, Africans, and those interested in Africa. In addition to internal and external (digital and face-to-face) series of events, ADAN also offers other formats

  • including the ADAN mentoring program for 16 to 21-year-old Afro-German and African young people. As members of the association, students have the opportunity to become involved as mentors and support young people regarding job perspectives and professional carreer 
  • The exchange program aXd Fellows Program aims to build a bridge between Germany and the African continent
More information at http://www.ada-netzwerk.com/