REFLECT: Studycheck

Studiencheck bild4

We are currently developing Studycheck for you.

It will provide the opportunity to personally evaluate your studies and your current living conditions in Frankfurt. This self-reflection can help you figure out where you stand: On the one hand, it points to areas which you are already managing very well. On the other hand, you might find that certain fields hold challenges and the need for support.

Studycheck includes several topics of your everyday university life so that you can get an overview of what is going well (or not so well) and, ideally, conclude in which direction you would like to develop.

After completing Studiycheck, you will receive automated and anonymous feedback as well as information about specific support offers. You also have the option to get personal consultation about the Studiencheck, your study progress, study planning, and work-related aspects. In addition, you can find out about other offers regarding study skills and professional competences.

You will soon find more information about the Studycheck here.