​Coronavirus — General Advice and Information

On this page, please find general information on protective measures at Goethe University and links to further information on corona prevention and health

Compulsory masks / mouth-and-nose coverings

In accordance with the current coronavirus regulations of the State of Hessen, there is a general obligation to wear a medical mask (surgical mask or protective mask that meets the FFP2, KN95, N95 standard or comparable without an exhalation valve) in all buildings of Goethe University.

Statement of the coordination group for biological work substances of the DGUV (PDF) (German)

Further information (PDF) (German).

Hygiene to prevent virus spread

To reduce the spread of the coronavirus, the instructions of the Robert Koch Institute to prevent infection must be observed: 

  • Hand hygiene (wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds), 
  • Maintain distance (at least 2 metres),  
  • Cough and sneeze etiquette (cough and sneeze into crook of arm). 

You can find the 10 most important hygiene tips from the Federal Centre for Health Education here. Further instruction on hygiene and occupational safety can be found here (German).


The generally binding distancing and hygiene rules must be observed on all campuses of Goethe University. Public activities that are likely to endanger these rules, such as parties, barbecues or picnics, are prohibited on Goethe University's campuses, irrespective of the number of people involved.

If distancing and hygiene rules are not followed, the respective representatives for domiciliary rights within the meaning of the House Rules (Section 3; 3) (German) are authorised to issue a ban on further access to the campus.

Tours and events on campus

Events / tours on campus, including those with external participants, are possible with an appropriate distancing and hygiene concept and following consultation with krisenstab@uni-frankfurt.de. So that the minimum distance of 1.5 metres can be reliably maintained, group size is limited to 20 persons. Guided tours inside the buildings with external participants are still not possible.

Buildings: limited access

University buildings on the Westend, Bockenheim, Riedberg and Ginnheim campuses are still closed to the public, but they may be used by university members under strict observance of the RKI standards. This applies for all buildings in which work is carried out that is indispensable for the organisation of teaching, research and administration. These buildings may be entered using card keys or via staffed main entrances. Access is regulated individually at each location (e.g. locking authorisations, lists with the porters).

In-person events in university buildings take place in accordance with distancing and hygiene concepts that are also to be observed outside the event rooms. If distancing and hygiene rules are not followed, the respective representatives for domiciliary rights within the meaning of the House Rules (Section 3, 3) (German) are authorised to issue a ban on further access to the campus.

University Library 

At the University Library, media can be borrowed and returned on site; the lending service is now available to all users again. Masks are compulsory in the buildings, i.e. access is generally only possible with a medical mask.

In all facilities, access is checked by security personnel on the basis of the GoetheCard or library card. Only in the Central Library are the borrowing/returning and information/registration counters accessible without ID. The number of persons who can be in the rooms at the same time is limited in all facilities. For access to the Humanities Library Centre and the Sports Library, an entry ticket must be booked in advance in each case via the online booking system and shown at the control point. https://buchung.ub.uni-frankfurt.de/zeit/

The facilities of the University Library (UB JCS) can again be used by students and employees of Goethe University to a limited extent for studying and working in line with RKI standards. A workplace must be booked in advance https://buchung.ub.uni-frankfurt.de/zeit/.

Only in the Central Library are external users with a library card also admitted. For reasons of solidarity, we ask all users who are unable/no longer wish to attend at the booked time slot to cancel it again and make it available for others. Users are allowed to take off their medical masks once they reach their reserved workplace.

The on-campus book delivery service for Goethe University employees is still available. https://www.ub.uni-frankfurt.de/corona/buch.html

Details of all available services can be found on the library's service monitor: www.ub.uni-frankfurt.de/corona/monitor.html


The café „Sturm & Drang“ operated by CampuService in the auditorium complex on the Westend Campus continues to be open from Monday through Friday between 8 and 4:30 pm. Cold and hot dishes are available for takeaway only. https://www.cafe-sturm-und-drang.de/de_de/startseite.html (German)

In view of the current development in the pandemic, the Studentwerk also plans to reopen some canteen services on the Westend and Riedberg campuses:

  • The Canteen Annex, Westend Campus, starting 31st May 2021 
  • Cafeteria Darwin, Riedberg Campus, starting th7 June 2021 

The Studentenwerk would like to point out that the existing hygiene and distance rules continue to apply in their establishments and that, in addition to collecting contact data, university affiliation will also be monitored. This means that university members must be able to identify themselves as such, either with the Goethecard or, if this is not possible, by a confirmation letter from the university management.  

https://www.studentenwerkfrankfurt.de/aktuelles/detail/aktuelle-hinweise (German)

University Sports

The Centre for University Sports is running an online and in-person holiday programme from 19 July to 30 September. To participate in all online courses, bookings are, as usual, flat rate. In the case of in-person courses, rules concerning contact, hygiene and conduct must be observed.

Information on courses (in German).


Courses may take place face-to-face within the framework of hybrid teaching. Priority continues to be given to written examinations, tests, laboratory activities, internships, practical and artistic training sections, one-day excursions, practical sport exercises and courses that are comparable in a narrow sense. You can find further information at these links: examinations teaching (in German).

Until further notice, scientific meetings and conferences may only be conducted in digital form. Urgently required meetings for professional, official or business reasons with external participants from Germany are possible in compliance with the separate regulations according to the current CoKoBeV.

The current requirements for events with external participants include:

  • hygiene concept
  • registration and record of personal data
  • proof of negative test result for all participants

Detailed specifications can be found in the current templates for distance and hygiene concepts in the coronavirus toolbox.

A distance and hygiene concept must be drawn up for each event, and a permit must be applied for with krisenstab@uni-frankfurt.de in accordance with the specifications in the coronavirus toolbox (LINK).

Pocket transmitters / headsets can no longer be loaned for use during the pandemic. It is not possible to disinfect the microphones. At this time, only handheld microphones may be used. If you are planning a purchase from your own funds, you must first contact HRZ Medientechnik, as the transmitters have to be compatible with the infrastructure in the room: mt-support@uni-frankfurt.de

University of the Third Age (U3L)

The university of the third age (U3L) offers a digital event programme for the Summer 2021 Semester. An overview of events and information on participation is available on the U3L website (German). Please send an email to: u3l@em.uni-frankfurt.de if you have any further questions.

Coronavirus toolbox

Templates for creating hygiene concepts for different forms of in-person events

>> Coronavirus toolbox

Hotline State of Hesse

The State of Hesse has set up a hotline for citizens' questions regarding coronavirus, Tel.: 0800/555-4666, Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 20:00.