Corona Hardship Fund

The current situation with the coronavirus and the various restrictions may have lead to a financial hardship. GRADE and the Center Sustain may be able to help if the situation is really desperate for you and you cannot finish your PhD in time. For instance because your contract is running out and there is no option for an extension, but you still need to finish the analysis of some data, or you have to leave the country as the visa is running out, or you are self-financed but lose your job, you cannot continue your project because you cannot travel to XXX or get access to a special library which is now closed etc.

In case you find yourself in such a financial crisis, you can contact Dr. Sybille Küster (managing director of GRADE) to ask for support in form of a 3-month scholarship (of 1.350,- Euro per month).

Proofs to be provided to GRADE are

  • Proof of acceptance as a doctoral candidate at a faculty of the Goethe University
  • curriculum vitae
  • Cover letter explaining the extent to which the current corona situation creates difficulties and what activities will be made possible by the up to 3 additional months
  • written confirmation of the supervisor about this fact (three-line email to Dr. Sybille Küster is sufficient)

Please consider carefully if you really need such a scholarship, as we all experience a unique situation never seen before, and we all have to put up with restrictions which affect our daily life.  

The scholarship cannot be paid if you currently have a contract/scholarship which is paused in order to receive this corona-hardship fund scholarship.

Registration with GRADE and GRADE Sustain is required for a scholarship payment via GRADE Sustain!