Corona Sustain Projects

The corona crisis has immense effects on social practice and thus especially on sustainable activities. Various questions in the GRADE Sustain are directly linked to the changes that the virus has caused and will cause in the future. This concerns all areas of the Sustainable Development Goals, from consumption to mobility to education. Researchers dealing with sustainability issues see their research affected by the pandemic to varying degrees, as are their data and instruments and the transfer of knowledge related to the virus.

Against this background, GRADE Sustain promotes the exploration of the corona dimension of already running projects, the systematic documentation of (media) data for later use or the exploration of new connections and questions that can be derived from previous research results. Creative ideas in a changing research landscape are explicitly desired!

The grant can provide for a maximum amount of 3000€ per project. The funds can be used on a broad basis if justified, e.g. for additional auxiliary student staff (“HiWis”), media access or participation in online conferences.

An application with

  • a project description (max. 3 pages, including contact details, institute and faculty as well as the status (doctoral candidate/postdoc; employed, scholarship holder etc) and
  • cost breakdown, as well as
  • a short statement by the supervisor (a short email is sufficient)

to Dr. Brigitte Held must be submitted by September 30, 2021, preferably by email.  Registration with GRADE and GRADE Sustain is a requirement.

Please note:  After completion of the project we will need a short report and proof of use of the granted funds.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email:  

We are looking forward to your projects!