On this page you will find various worksheets to help you improve your writing skills. You can use these materials on your own, but we recommend that you discuss them in a consultation with our peer tutors. There you will also get advice on which techniques could be particularly useful for you and learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

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This page houses our handouts for English Academic Writing. For the full collection and links to writing guides of individual disciplines, visit our German website.



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English Academic Writing Sentence Templates

This handout offers a number of sentence templates to help you get the hang of English academic writing. It should give you an idea of the kinds of rhetorical moves you should be making in your papers.

Developing a Research Question

This handout provides a process for developing a research question and includes examples.
An Introduction to Thesis Statements

In this handout you can read about what a thesis statement is, why they are important to English academic writing, why and when you need them, and what makes a good thesis statement "good."
Developing a Thesis Statement

This handout provides a step by process for developing a thesis statement.
Integrating Quotations

This handout provides a basic guide to quoting sources, including practical advice on how to introduce quotations and smoothly integrate outside material into your writing.
Writing Effective Paragraphs

Paragraphs are a critical unit of discourse in academic writing. This handout offers an overview of paragraphs in English academic writing with a focus on argumentative body paragraphs.

Understanding Source Use in Academic Writing

The secondary/primary source distinction is not always useful to us as writers. This handout introduces you to a new vocabulary for categorizing sources, and suggests how you might use it to read academic texts, organize your research, and revise your writing.