GRADE Workshop Program Summer Semester 2020

We are pleased that, despite the difficult situation, we are able to present to you a slightly limited, but still diverse and attractive workshop program!

Due to the current difficulties to plan ahead for several months, the publication of the workshop program for the summer term 2020 will proceed in two steps.

Workshops April-May  > 
now online
Workshops June-July  > online at the beginning of May

Also due to the situation, we cannot offer you a brochure this semester. Nevertheless, we have summarized all necessary information in the table below.

  • In the left column of the table, the title of the respective event is linked to the workshop description.
  • By clicking on the link in the far right corner of the table, you can go directly to the online registration in our database. As usual, you can also alternatively register via the link at the bottom of the respective workshop description in the "Organizational Information" part.

You will receive further information about the event 2 weeks prior to the workshop, particularly as concerns information on required technical equipment (e.g. laptop with camera and microphone) and/or access links to the respective learning platforms.

Due to the change from presence to online formats, there will also be differences in the time allocation (on the workshop day itself), as it is hardly possible to follow an Online-Seminar attentively for 8 hours. You will receive further information in a timely manner so that you can plan your time sensibly.

Workshops April & May 2020

            Target Group Regis-tration
Title   Typ Language Date Time E A P   NL HS  
Fast Forward. How to Lead Research Projects with Clarity and Creativity   M E Apr 27 -
Jun 17
     ♦   HERE
Theoriebasierte Fragebogenkonstruktion   M D Apr 29-30 09:00-15:00    ◊   HERE
Poster Design and Presentation   A E May 5 09:00-17:00    ♦   HERE
Conversation to "Chew Over"   L E May 5 - Jun 9 12:15-13:15    ♦   HERE
Bewerbungstraining Teil 1: Vorbereitung und schriftliche Bewerbung für den außeruniversitären Karriereeinstieg   C D May 6 09:00-17:00
   ♦   HERE
Design Thinking for Researchers to Unleash Your Creative Power   A E May 6 & Jun 10 09:00-17:00     ♦   HERE
Beyond Networking - How to Reach Your Professional Goals in Large Organizations   M E May 7-8 09:00-17:00      ♦  ♦    HERE
Textwerkstatt - Wissenschaftliche Texte fit machen (not online)   A D May 7-8 09:00-15:00      ♦  ♦    see PDF
Wege in die Selbständigkeit: Profil schärfen, Ideen generieren, eigene Karriereorientierung erkennen   C D May 8 09:00-17:00     ♦  ♦    HERE
Conflict Management   M E May 11 09:00-17:00   ♦  ♦    ♦  ♦    HERE
Get On With It   GP E re-scheduled for July 10    ♦  ♦    ♦  ♦     
Writing Articles for International Publication in Peer-Reviewed Journals   A E May 13-15 09:30-16:30  ◊  ♦  ♦    ◊  ♦    HERE
Scientific Paper Writing: Special Focus on Environmental Sciences and Sustainability   A E May 15 09:00-17:00   ♦  ♦  ♦    ♦   HERE
Internationalisierung der Wissenschaftsbiographie   C D May 15 & Jun 5    ♦  ♦  ♦    ♦  ♦    HERE
Souveräne Umsetzung: Grundlagen des Projektmanagements am Beispiel der eigenen Promotion   M D May 18 09:00-15:00  ♦  ♦  ◊    ♦  ♦   HERE
Scientific Paper Writing: Special Focus on Psychology and Social Sciences   A E May 18 13:00-16:00  ♦  ♦  ♦    ♦  ♦   HERE
Academic Paper Writing: Producing a First Draft of Your Paper   A E May 19-20 09:00-17:00   ♦  ♦  ◊    ♦  ◊   HERE
Exposé-Schreiben für Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaftler*innen   A D May 19-20 & Jun 16 09:00-13:00
 ♦  ◊  ◊    ◊  ♦   HERE
Level Up Your Coding: Digital Research Skills and Tools for Scientists   A E May 20 09:00-17:00   ♦  ♦  ♦    ♦  ♦   HERE
Berufsziel Professur: Kursbestimmung und Karriereplanung auf dem Weg zur Professur - Workshop und Einzelcoaching   C D May 25-26 10:00-18:00
 ◊  ◊  ♦    ♦  ♦   HERE
SpeedReading   A D May 25-26 09:00-17:00   ♦  ♦  ♦    ♦  ♦   HERE
Strategic Networking - Building a Network for Career, Collaborations and Conferences   M E May 27 09:00-17:00   ♦  ♦  ♦    ♦  ♦   HERE
Der Weg zur guten Entscheidung   C D May 28-29 09:00-17:00
 ♦  ♦  ♦    ♦  ♦    HERE

Workshop Type   Area of Scientific Research   Level of Scientific Research
C Career Tools   NL Natural and Life Sciences
  E Elementary Courses for 1st/2nd year
IT Inter- and Transdisciplinary Tools
and intercultural Awarenes
  HS Humanities and Social Sciences   A Training for Advanced
Doctoral Candidates
GP Get Prepared for the Furture         P Training for Postdocs
L Language   Language of the Workshop
M Management Tools   D Deutsch/German      
A Academic Tools   E English