Fear of Corona

Information for participants of the study „Fear of Corona“

Dear participant,

thank you for your interest in this study. People in Germany react differently to the spreading of the corona virus (COVID-19) and the measures to contain the epidemic. Some respond flexibly and calmly the order to keep away from public places and to reduce social contacts. Others however suffer from rumination and feelings of loneliness. Yet, little is known about the interaction of knowledge about the infection, coping behaviors and emotions. The present study should therefore provide preliminary findings concerning this question.

The following survey only takes about 10-15 minutes. It refers to your knowledge about the corona virus, fear of infection, and the influence on your behavior and well-being. The participation is voluntary.

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Thank you for your participation in the study!


Responsible for this study:

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Stangier
MSc. Schahryar Kananian
E-mail: kananian@psych.uni-frankfurt.de
Institute of Psychology
Varrentrappstr. 40-42
60486 Frankfurt am Main