Information for incoming guest students


If you have questions regarding your planned field of study at Goethe University, or you need information on credit points, exam or course registration, you can find links to the websites of all faculties/departments at Goethe University below: 

Faculty 1, Law (International Office (“Auslandsbüro”) of the faculty)

Faculty 2, Economics and Business Administration (International Office (“Auslandsbüro”) of the faculty)

Faculty 3, Social Sciences (information for incoming students)

Faculty 4, Educational Sciences (general information on studying Educational Sciences, in German)

Faculty 5, Psychology and Sports

  • Psychology (general information on studying Psychology, in German)
  • Sports (general information on studying Sports Sciences, in German)

Faculty 6, Protestant Theology (general information on studying Protestant Theology, in German)

Faculty 7, Roman Catholic Theology (general information on studying Roman Catholic Theology, in German)

Faculty 8, Philosophy and History

Faculty 9, Linguistics, Cultural Studies, and Art

Faculty 10, Modern Languages

German as a foreign language is taught at the "Internationales Studien- und Sprachenzentrum (ISZ)". Information about German courses for guest students can be found on the website for Exchange and Erasmus Students.

Faculty 11, Geosciences and Geography

Faculty 12, Computer Sciences and Mathematics

  • Computer Sciences (general information on studying Computer Sciences)
  • Mathematics (general information on studying Mathematics, in German)

Faculty 13, Physics

  • Physics (general information on studying Physics, in German)
  • Biophysics (general information on studying Biophysics, in German)

Faculty 14, Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Pharmacy (website of the faculty)

  • Biochemistry (website of the department, in German)
  • Chemistry (website of the department, in German)
  • Pharmacy (website of the department, in German)

Faculty 15, Biosciences (information for incoming students)

Faculty 16, Medical Science (International Office (“Auslandsbüro”) of the faculty)