Thesis (Bachelor and Master)

Prof. Dr. Daniela Grunow is supervising final theses (Bachelor and Master) which fit in with the focus of her research and teaching.

1.1 First supervisor

If you want to write your final thesis with Prof. Grunow, please note:

It is a requirement to attend Prof. Grunow’s “Kolloquium zur geschlechterspezifischen Arbeitsteilung und Übergang zur Elternschaft”.

How to proceed to apply for Prof. Grunow’s supervision:

  • Download the [PDF] application form, fill it in and send it to [email] office management by email.
  • If Prof. Grunow is interested, the subject of the thesis and the next steps will be discussed during an appointment (upon request with [link] office management).
  • Once the title and the submission date are confirmed, you register with the Prüfungsamt.

1.2 Second supervisor

If you want to ask Prof. Grunow to act as second examiner for your bachelor’s or master’s thesis, please proceed as follows: