Activities in 2020

Historical Orientation Tour across Westend Campus, Thu., November 5th

Due to Covid-19, the Goethe Welcome Centre had to cancel most of its planned events in summer, fall and winter 2020. Nonetheless, GWC organized a historical orientation tour across Westend Campus in between the lock-downs in November 2020.

Visit to Palmengarten, Sat., March 7th 

On this Saturday we visited the famous Palmengarten with its extensive greenhouses filled with tropical rainforests, exquisite subtropical species, a unique collection of flowers and plants. Our tour guide took us on a very informative tour through conservatories and outlands. Everybody enjoyed it and was in a good mood. After the main event we also visited the orchid exhibition and some of us ended the excursion with a coffee at the famous café Siesmayer.

Excursion to Wetzlar, Sat. Feb 8th

On Saturday February 8th, Goethe Welcome Centre organized an excursion to the city of Wetzlar for international researchers and their families. We started the excursion with a walking tour around the historical city of Wetzlar, where we were visited different city highlights including the Domplatz, Kornmarkt, Eisenmarkt. Afterwards we visited the Lottehaus, where Lotte used to live - a character on which Johann Wolfgang von Goethe based his novel “Sorrows of the young Werther". We enjoyed lunch in a beautiful restaurant in the old town. Afterwards the Museum Viseum was visited in which many interactive installations helped us learn more about the history of optical industries in Wetzlar. Walking back through the old town and visiting different areas in the city, we finished this beautiful day in Wetzlar.