Employee Psychological Counselling Services

Employee Psychological Counselling offers a wide range of services from individual case counselling to moderation/mediation and health promotion courses.

In what instances can I make an appointment with Employee Psychological Counselling?

  • Individual psychological counselling to support employees in difficult situations
  • Psychological burdens at your workplace
  • Moderation and mediation in conflicts
  • If you feel psychologically burdened by your work situation or by personal problems at your workplace
  • If you need support in processing conflicts or want to receive counselling about it
  • If you are a manager or employee representative with questions on psycho-social aspects of interactions with employees
  • If you want to identify and reduce psychological burdens at work
  • If you want to know more about how to increase your own resilience and how to behave toward yourself and your environment in a way that promotes health and resilience.

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Employee Psychological Counselling Services
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