Dr. Marcus Carlsen Häggrot

Dsc 9568

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter – Leibniz-Forschungsgruppe "Transnationale Gerechtigkeit"

Goethe University Frankfurt
Institut of Political Science
D-60629 Frankfurt

Building "Normative Orders"
Max-Horkheimer-Straße 2, Zimmer 4.22


Office hours: (During the semester) Thursday 2–3pm or on registration


My current research is in the field of democratic theory and looks at institutions of parliamentary representation. My work is particularly concerned with the definition and character of electoral constituencies, most notably in the contexts of expatriate voting and European Union parliamentarism.

In relation to expatriate voting, I seek to unveil the different principles and conceptions of parliamentary representation that are embedded in different models of émigré voting, in particular the model where expatriates remain members of their pre-emigration constituency and the model where émigrés form distinct overseas constituencies. Drawing on philosophical defences of expatriate voting, I also aim to develop a prescriptive account of how constituencies ought to be defined when the demos is transnational and includes domestically resident as well as expatriate citizens.

In relation to European Union parliamentarism, I similarly aim to understand the principles and conceptions of European democracy that underpin the current constituency scheme of the EUP. I seek to articulate also how constituencies should be defined when the polity is transnational by design and the parliament sits atop a multiplicity of states, demoi, and linguistic communities.

Alongside the preoccupation with constituency design, I also have an academic interest in minority rights theory and the moral claims of nomadic peoples.



 Post-Doc, Centre for Advanced Studies ‘Justitia Amplificata’, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt


Adjunct Faculty, Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris

DPhil in Political Theory, University of Oxford
Thesis: Nomads in the Liberal State: Liberal Approaches to the Problem of Roma and Traveller Itinerancy
Examiners: Daniel Butt & Magali Bessone
Supervisor: David Miller


M.Sc. in Political Theory Research, University of Oxford


M.A. Political Science, Uppsala University

Publications & presentations


  • (forthcoming). ’Public Caravan Sites for British Gypsy Travellers: Kymlicka and an Argument from Compensation’ Ethnopolitics. doi:10.1080/17449057.2019.1628515
  • 2018. ’The Right to Vote and Nomadic Voter Enrolment’, Citizenship Studies, 22(7), 725-744. doi:10.1080/13621025.2018.1508417
  • 2018. Book Review of Toward a Cosmopolitan Ethics of Mobility: The Migrant's-Eye View of the World, by A. Sager, in Ethics and International Affairs, 32(3), 379-381. doi:10.1017/S0892679418000473


Working paper

  • ‘No-Residence Constituencies for Domestically Mobile Citizens: The Unfamiliar Implication of a Familiar Argument’
  • ‘Does Constituency Choice Enhance Autonomy?’
  • ‘Tolerance: A Liberal-Egalitarian Legal Response to Nomadism’


Selected conference presentations

  • (Nov 2018) "Justifying Public Halting Sites for British Gypsy Travellers" amForschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften, Frankfurt University.
  • (Sept 2018) "What Justifies Territorial Representation?" bei der Conference in Interdisciplinary Poverty Research, University of Salzburg
  • (Sept 2018) "Kymlicka, the Gypsy Travellers, and the Justification of Public Halting Sites" bei der GLS Conference on Romani Studies, Bucharest University
  • (Aug 2018) "The Value(s) of Territorial Representation" bei der ECPR General Conference, Universität Hamburg
  • (Sept 2017) "The Nomadic Vote" bei der MANCEPT Conference, University of Manchester
  • (Sept 2017) "Must Liberals Tolerate Nomadism?" bei der MANCEPT Conference, University of Manchester
  • (Apr 2016) "Voter Registration for Nomads", Cultural Diversity and Liberal Democracy, York University (Canada)
  • (Sept 2015) "Democratic Representation for Nomads: A Liberal Egalitarian Perspective", Enacting the People: Political Representation and Democratic Legitimacy, University of York (UK)
  • (Jun 2015) "Accommodating Nomads in Education: A Liberal-Egalitarian Perspective", Law and Boundaries,SciencesPo Paris 
  • (Mar 2015) "Barry’s Theory of Justice: Outline, Critique and Reconstruction", Nuffield Political Theory Workshop, Oxford University