Follow-up as Service Point Engagement: Stay tuned!

ATTENTION: Project finished!

Dear students,

this project finished in March 2021 and was continued with a transitional funding till December 2021. 

In the future, a Service Point Engagement will be set up and the webpage will be updated accordingly. Stay tuned! 

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About the Project

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An Overview of the Project’s Modules:

The module ACT implements a Service Centre for voluntary engagement, while the module CONNECT is working on a mentoring programme for professional networks. The module REFLECT is producing a digital feedback tool for students’ study progress, and finally, the module PREPARE is establishing a Training Centre for voluntary engagement, which overarches the entire project.

The modules ACT, REFLECT, and PREPARE are being coordinated by the International Office, while the Career Service at the Student Service Center is implementing the CONNECT module.

ACT: 'Engage Yourself!' - in Studies and Society

In the module ACT, we inform and advise international students and in the newly set up service centre. We offer consultation hours and information events on engagement, as well as direct support in finding study-related and social volunteering activities. The aim is for students to develop a social network at an early stage and to further professional and social skills. In addition, exchange forums and workshops on study groups aim to gather Good Practice Experiences in dealing with this form of learning and to train students in dealing with self-organized learning groups.

CONNECT: Professional Networking - a Mentoring Programme

The focus of the CONNECT module is the promotion of job-related social resources. In addition, one-to-one mentoring with employed graduates intends to facilitate access to the German labour market for international students in their final semesters before graduating. With this personal guidance, students receive essential information about the mentor's branch of work and first contacts can be established for their professional network. The programme prepares the mentees for mentoring with an extensive workshop in advance. In addition, the module creates opportunities for exchange and further networking with other mentors through the kick-off and final event in the mentoring program. Business speed dating between students and professionals is part of the events. In the event series "Sustainable Networking", students can also find out about various professional fields.

REFLECT: Development of a Digital Self-Reflection Tool - Studiencheck

The "Studiencheck" offers international students a digital tool specifically designed for them: It includes topics that address their current situation in the areas of study, university, and social environment. Moreover, the tool includes obstacles that affect study progress and professional success. The aim is to identify individual obstacles and self-evaluate. In a final step, we will offer personal feedback consultations after the completion of the tool in order to develop solutions for potential problems, as well as to refer students to further support offers at Goethe University or in Frankfurt. Another aspect of the module includes information sessions and consultation for students who consider changing their subject or dropping out of university.    

PREPARE: Training Centre for Social, Student, and Professional Engagement

The PREPARE module offers practical and application-oriented training courses on various topics: Team & Networking, Communication, and Project Management. Participants can further develop their soft skills as well as prepare specifically for voluntary work. The module also offers students to volunteer in guided practical projects embedded in the university. In addition to conveying basic knowledge, the training focuses on acting and practicing skills using practical examples. Prepare is an overarching task that supports all project modules.