Professional networking in times of Covid-19

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The fight against the corona pandemic is affecting all of us. Personal contacts have to be severely limited now, big events will not be held. But how can we build up and expand professional networks under these circumstances? Surely, a great deal of networking already happens online but a lot of it still builds on personal encounters at work, university, career fairs etc. As this is not possible at the moment, we have gathered some alternative ideas for professional networking for you:

Visit a virtual career fair

These career fairs can be visited while sitting on your couch at home. Still they mostly offer the typical features of a real fair: exhibition hall, keynote speeches and exchange with other participants.

Sticks & Stones Digital 23.06.-29.06.

  • Worldwide LGBT+ job and career fair, more than 50 Employers and speeches
  • Participation is free of charge, lectures in German and English

Jobunication 01.07.2020:

  • Online career fair with more than 100 Employers (among others Lufthansa, Adidas, Arvato Bertelsmann etc.)

Virtuelle Karrierebörse (virtual career fair): Berufsorientierung, Ausbildung & Studium 30.09.2020:

Mint Map for MINT Experts 03.11.2020

Virtuelle Karrierebörse (virtual career fair): Ingenieurwesen, Informatik & Wirtschaft 05.11.2020:

Update your profiles on LinkedIn and XING

Not only important in times of Covid-19: Your profiles on Xing and LinkedIn should be neat and informative. If your profile is up to date you can expand your networks and be easily found by the right persons. Now is a good time to upload the newest picture, add keywords and hashtags and show that you are there. 

Be aware that tips offered only in English are generally directed towards job search in the USA or international job market and might not readily apply to the German job market.

Especially in times of social distancing you can add further contacts with messages that stick out. For how to contact a potential employer or a colleague, watch the following video:

Self Made Millenial - Coronavirus Job Search: How to Network Online for a Job – Get a Job with this Cold Email!:

Visit other online events

A lot of events and lectures are currently offered online.Though, they do not offer the same potential for relaxed personal exchange with others as do face-to-face events, they are still very much worth a try. 

Hackathons and Barcamps:

Not all of these events are meant for programming experts. They are often open to a wide range of participants. Organizers are often companies who are using the hackathon for recruiting. Hackathons (for more information go to: are often guided by a certain topic or problem, while Barcamps are generally open minded events (for more information see:

Current online hackathons can be found here:

Barcamps are listet here:

Meetups, lectures and webinars:

Meetups are offered for various topics and are often organized by companies. Apart from the key note speech focused on a certain topic there is the possibility to talk and connect to other participants. Currently there are a lot of offers online:

Making new contacts in social engagement

In times of social distancing, we have to rely on digital communication. Nevertheless, as social beings we need to maintain contact to other people. By getting involved in (social) engagement, you get to know new people and support something important. At the same time, you improve your resume and learn new skills.

To find more information on where exactly you can get involved click here. The information of the respective groups might not always be up to date. We recommend that you write a short email to initiatives or associations stating that you are interested in participating and that you need information about the current meetings. We are sure they will be happy to welcome you there!

A little patience…

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